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Akothee raises concerns over fake account of her husband stealing from Kenyans

Kenyan singer and entrepreneur Akothee has sounded the alarm regarding a fake Facebook account impersonating her husband, alleging that the account is soliciting money from her fans.

The fraudulent Facebook account, which goes by the name “Dennis Schweizer Omosh,” boasts over 11,000 followers and features a bio that reads, “I don’t love Akothee. She was wild, childish, and expensive.”

Akothee, deeply concerned about the situation, took to her social media platforms to expose the fake account and seek assistance from her followers.

In her plea, she clarified that her husband, Omondi Denis, has never had a presence on Facebook, making the account’s actions all the more deceitful.

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“This fake account is now inboxing people to send money. Kindly help me report this account. Omondi Denis was never on Facebook and is not on Facebook. This is very wrong and very mean. Kuwa na utu (Have some decency). Report this account. Dennis Schweizer Omosh. This guy has zero info. Si poa (Not cool). Rejoice as much as you can, but don’t be this mean. Help me report this account. Thanks,” Akothee pleaded with her followers.

While addressing the issue of impersonation, Akothee also took the opportunity to respond to some critics and haters.

In one exchange, a user named Prince Khui referenced a previous incident and questioned Akothee’s actions.

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“Prince Khui: Akothee, are you not the one who told Mary Masai her rosecoco inakuliwa kisi na eldoret?…wacha kikurambe proper (let it hit you properly),” Prince Khui remarked.

Akothee offered a succinct response, saying, “Prince Khui, nilisema kwa hivyo Kuna tofauti? (I said it as it was, is there a difference?)”

On Sunday, 1 October, Akothee shared that she had gone through a traumatic experience, which left her shaken and emotionally unstable.

She mentioned that she experienced days without food and sleep and questioned herself while maintaining her public image, family, and business.

“I started by monitoring my behaviors. I realised I was breaking down quite often for no reason, even just a simple interview. I had become emotionally unstable, and I couldn’t put a finger on it. I never knew about emotional abuse until I started therapy,” Akothee revealed.

Akothee also mentioned that she had sought therapy to address her emotional state.

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