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Akothee’s ‘semi-nude’ bath time antics with her son that shocked her fans

Self-proclaimed president of single mother’s Akothee, is spending the holidays with all her children in Mombasa and as expected she is not doing it the normal way, at least according to her fans.

The singer has had her two boys living in France with their father flown in and immediately set them off to some of the activities she has already planned.

Now, one of this was for her and the kids to enjoy swimming at the pool at her house.

But it is a video she shared that has her fans shaking their heads in disapproval.

Akothee is captured on camera wearing a luminous green two piece bikini with her youngest son Prince Oyoo in a similar coloured towel.

The two are in a fight over the young boy’s refusal to take a shower.

“We have just arrived and we have just began #oyooshowerchroniacs,” writes Akothee on Instagram.


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We have just arrived ?‍♂️ and we have just began #oyooshowerchroniacs @oyootheprince ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

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What her fans were mostly objecting is how the Rollam hit maker is flimsily dressed in front of her son.

“Duuuuuu weachatu niwe mshamba daaa kukalia watoto uchi mm uzungu siwezi daaa yani najificha mm uku nasikia daaa ebwana weeee daaa,” said b.thuma.

“Jamani Akothee huoni aibu kua uchi na mtoto wako karibu mamayo,” wrote jamalaisha.

“At this age Mimi Bado huogopa kuangalia mamangu akiwa Hadi na night dress what of bikini sasa anyway I love this family,” said loycekones.

Akothee has always maintained an’ I-don’t-care’ attitude when it comes to how she raises her children, often telling off her critics to mind their own business.