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Alai: Let hospitals keep the dead bodies if you can’t afford mortuary fees

Blogger Robert Alai says Kenyans should stop ‘donating’ millions of shillings to hospitals in exchange of bodies of their loved ones.

The cost of healthcare in Kenya has increased tenfold in recent times, leaving Kenyans seeking handouts, donations and conducting fundraisers in a bid to settle medical bills.

Hospitals, on the other hand, have been detaining patients and bodies over unpaid bills.

This is what Alai thinks should stop.

“We must stop buying bodies of the dead from hospitals. A family struggling to feed itself is fundraising for Sh3 million to rescue a body detained by a hospital since March. Let the hospital keep the body,” the controversial blogger said on social media.

Alai also shared alternatives which affected families should resort to if hospitals detain bodies of their loved ones.

“Let the hospital keep the body. Go to church, pray and have the family plant trees at home in remembrance.”