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Ambulance driver sacked after being caught ferrying timber

Isiolo Governor Mohamed Kuti has yielded to public outcry and sacked a driver of an ambulance that was intercepted ferrying timber.

Pictures of men loading timber in one of the country’s ambulance surfaced online early this week causing uproar among locals and Kenyans.

Dr Kuti said he and the County Health department learnt about the matter from social media platforms, adding that he has received complaints that the driver of the ambulance has been demanding bribe from patients seeking emergency services.

“This is misuse of public property. I have heard several cases from residents complaining that the driver of the ambulance was demanding some money to attend to emergency cases,” said the Governor.

Residents took to online to congratulate the governor saying the ambulance should be attending to the sick especially in remote areas in the three sub counties who are in need of referrals.

Governor Kuti, also the Council of Governors (COG) Health Committee Chairman, said his administration would come up with transport department and identify an officer who will supervise all the county vehicles and streamline the sector.

He also warned county drivers they would be sacked if found misusing public property.

The driver was a causal employee.