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Kenyan artist beats CBK in ‘unveiling’ new look banknotes, people love it

A Kenyan artist has caused a stir online after sharing photos of proposed new look banknotes.

Dicky Jr shared his proposed banknotes on social media, which he says are in line with the constitutional requirement of celebrating Kenya’s heritage.

His banknotes bear close resemblance to international currencies like the Euro and inadvertently piles the pressure on Central Bank of Kenya to come up with superior designs.

Anything less will most likely cause a ruckus.

Dicky’s designs went viral on social media, with most users terming the them as cool.

CBK’s head of communication Wallace Kantai was quick to clear the air that the designs were not commissioned by the bank.

He urged Kenyans on Twitter to read the disclaimer on the designer’s post.

“Disclaimer: This in NOT legal tender and is NOT sanctioned by the CBK or the Government of Kenya,” Dicky wrote.

The designs were however been received well and below are some of the reactions.