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American couple finally reunited with their adopted Kenyan baby

By Amina Wako September 12th, 2019 1 min read

A three-year-old boy, who was taken away by the government from an American couple that had adopted him, has been reunited with his guardians.

Baby Kiano was handed back to the couple, Daisy and her husband Matt, on Wednesday after a meeting held at Child Welfare Society of Kenya offices.


However, Matthew Mazzoncini and Daisy Mazzoncini did not want to address the media.

The meeting was attended by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour, Nelson Marwa, Kabete OCPD George Seda and DCIO Francis Wanjau.

According to a surveillance footage, the baby was taken away after a group of people stormed into the couple’s apartment complex.

Shortly after, two women, whose faces were obscured by headscarves, were seen carrying the boy downstairs and out of the building.

DCI would later confirm on Twitter of their ‘rescue mission’ of the baby from the couple whom they claimed were planning to travel with the baby back to the US.


The tweet was taken down hours later at the request of the American embassy.

That marked the beginning of a battle for custody of the baby between the couple and the government.

Baby Kiano has been at a home in Waithaka for the past four months as the court battled unfolded.

According to the police, Baby Kiano, who is Kenyan, was found abandoned as a newborn along with another baby, believed to be his twin. The twin later died.

As an infant, Kiano suffered from pneumonia and a chest deformity, according to Matt, but in 2018 was diagnosed with atypical febrile seizures, according to medical documents seen by CNN.

Daisy and Matt were named Kiano’s legal guardians by the Children’s Court of Nairobi in April 2017.