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Anger as university student is raped, hand chopped off hours to graduation

By Dennis Lubanga November 22nd, 2019 2 min read

A state of panic has gripped Kibabii University after ran assailant raped a 21-year-old student and cut off her hand on Friday morning just hours to the institution’s graduation.

The student is currently receiving treatment at the Bungoma West Hospital in Kanduyi.

The third year student was sexually assaulted by a lone attacker at around 5am about 200 meters from her rented house in Kibabii area in Bungoma Town.

The victim is said to have been heading home in the company of her friends after spending a night out at an entertainment joint in Bungoma Town, when the aggressor confronted them.

Her friends managed to escape leaving her behind. The man raped and, thereafter, severed her left arm from her body.

The attacker then tied a barbed wire on the bleeding stem of the upper limb. The victim’s arm was, found an hour later after the incident wrapped in her bra and thrown on the roof of a house in the neighbourhood.


Zaituni Shaban, a Kibabii resident, who first spotted the arm, told journalists that her husband reported the shocking discovery to police, who arrived and took the arm with them.

“At around 5am, we heard a woman screaming for help, but my husband and I feared responding to the distress call. It was only moments later that we went out of the house, and when I looked on a neighbour’s roof, I saw something that resembled a human arm wrapped in a bra,” said Zaituni.

Confirming the incident, Dr Martin Mbati of the Bungoma West Hospital said that the victim was wheeled into the hospital while unconscious.

“The woman’s left arm was completely severed from her body. She had lost a lot of blood,” said Dr Mbati. “She is currently in the theatre where we are managing the injuries. However, it will be impossible to reattach the victim’s arm.” The medic added that the victim was in a stable condition.

There has been an increase in crime rate in Kibabii area, with residents claiming that at least six women, a majority of them being university students, have been raped by unknown people in the last three months.

“Sexual abuse of women in Kibabii has been rampant of late. The last three months have been horrible,” said Mrs Zaituni.

Police have commenced investigations into the matter, with the suspect remaining at large.