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Angry Kenyans tell Uhuru why they are broke

Dear Mr President, if you have no idea why more than half of the country’s population is broke, then please resign.

Angry Kenyans went on social media to give the Head of State a piece of their mind on exactly what they thought about his statement.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is reported to have put to task his advisors to explain why Kenyans are broke during a meeting at State House.

Kenyans had a list of reasons prepared to answer this question, including a few suggestions on the next course of action he should take as a politician.

Here are a few:

“Here’s the answer Mr. President 1) the govt is competing with Citizens 2 borrow from local banks 2) govt projects are inflated & awarded to foreign contractors who flee the capital 3) stolen funds r banked outside or invested in real estate,” tweeted @onsavic.

“This is our president, our country. Anauliza na ashapeleka deni 9 trillion boss tunilipa hizo deni, nkt!!. Hio ndio jibu,” said @LioOrinn.

“The president of I dont understand, Seriously mtavumilia mpaka lini Wakenya Jameni, Oh My!!! Not Funny tuko na shida, If we have a leader who doesn’t understand the problems of a common man then who will?” asked @miss_chemu.

“A man who drives his father’s car cannot advice men who own bicycles on how to become successful. – African Proverb,” wrote @Langat_CJ.

“Mr Plezdent we are broke because you have borrowed so much and you are attaching taxes to every aspect of our lives, sorry we weren’t all born wealthy like you. You recently accented the removal of interest caps for banks, completely incompetent!” commented @kamaumwangi.

“This guy doesn’t even realize that he is on our payroll. His salary, wages n allowances come from our broke pockets. Let him just forfeit his salary and allowances and draw from his fat inexhaustible family account,” said Profesir Gachahi Wa Macharia.

“Over taxation, poor leadership, misuse of public money, many committee s doing nothing,” replied Isaac Njoroge.

“Seriously??? If u don’t understand why are you over borrowing?” asked Jerop Sarah.