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‘Apostle’ Ng’ang’a clarifies ‘matuta’ and ‘kiosks’ insult

By Mary Wangari September 18th, 2019 2 min read

Neno Evangelism founder, “Apostle” James Ng’ang’a has rubbished claims that he is demented following a series of viral videos on social media showing him in outbursts and issuing threats.

In an interview with a local radio station, the 66-year-old preacher, who has attracted immense criticism in recent times, emphasized that he was perfectly fine but has no tolerance.

“People should stop misunderstanding me. I’m not insane, I have never been admitted, I have never gone to Mathare (Mathari Hospital). I’m very normal, and mentally sound. What I don’t like, is to be ruffled. I have been antagonized enough to where I am now since my days as a cart-puller,” he said.

Concerning his infamous outbursts of ‘matuta’ and ‘kiosks’, which has been making rounds on social media, the father of three was unapologetic saying that it was true that some of his congregants now turned rebels, joined the church poor and became rich.


“I started this ministry and those people came. Some of them even stayed in my house, they came with those ‘matutas’ and I took them to the salon,”

He divulged his displeasure when he discovered that some of the church branches he had opened across the country under pastors he had ordained had nothing nearly two decades on, while the pastors were prospering and avoided him with flimsy excuses.

“After 18 years, I discovered the churches had nothing while these people had built their houses. I have my own house and I have bought the church because I have a burden for it. Year after year when we had AGM because we normally meet in August, they would fail to come saying they were attending university or are abroad,” he explained.

“If a church can go for 18 years and can’t buy anything…that’s why I called those churches kiosks and said I will close them. Even now I will close them all because I’m not ready to endure again what I went through for all those years,” he emphasized.