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Arrest and punish radio’s killers’, Jaguar says during musician’s burial

Kenyan politician and musician Charles Njagua aka Jaguar has implored the Ugandan authorities to apprehend and punish the killers of fallen artiste Moses Ssekibogo aka Mowzey Radio.

The Starehe Member of Parliament also advised Radio’s long time ally Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel to reinvent his musical career following his pal’s abrupt demise.

The Kigeugeu hitmaker was among tens of thousands of mourners who attended the Radio’s burial on Saturday at his mother’s home in Kagga Nakawuka.

“To you Weasel, people are saying on social media you will be greatly affected by our brother’s death. That’s true, but you now need to open another chapter and make use of your talents,” said Jaguar, as the mourners applauded.


“Those people who did this to my friend Radio have to be punished.”

While also addressing the mourners, singer Jose Chameleon said, without elaboration, that it’s time for musicians to ‘protect’ themselves from unknown enemies.

“We have lost a friend, a father. Moses, the hole you have left in our hearts and lives will never be filled by anyone,” Radio’s Baby Mama Lillian Mbabazi, also a musician who was part of the defunct Blu 3 group said.

The burial ceremony was however largely marred by physical fights between rival groups of musician and theft of mobile phones and money by petty offenders.

Radio’s body was eventually lowered into the grave at around 3pm, putting off the lights to one of the most talented East African musicians of his generation who died from injuries sustained in a bar brawl.