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Asbel Kiprop, best friend live up to ‘Bro Code’ after affair with his wife

Athlete Asbel Kiprop and his best friend are cool even after the former Olympic champion filmed himself kissing the man’s wife.

Kiprop became a trending topic in August 2018 after he posted on Facebook a video of himself kissing and caressing his best friend’s wife.

He later deleted the video and replaced it with others of him in a compromising position with the woman, captioned “Kenya’s Boss Lady; Your next celebrity”.

Fast forward to Friday when KTN aired an interview with Kiprop  revealed the incident did not break his relationship with his best friend. He also said he had no regrets having the affair.

He said his friend has remained supportive even as he battles doping allegations.


He said: “You know as a man, we have families, we have a wife and children, are we not allowed to marry as many as we can afford to take care of? Let us not talk about that.”

In the print version of the interview, the athlete said he is still tight with his friend.

“I did not force her to do anything. Moreover, my friend and I are cool with each other and he was among the first people to call me in my recent troubles,” he said.

In a past media interview, the athlete apologized to his wife for the viral video that showed him kissing his friend’s wife as she undressed in his car.

“At the moment they (the woman) are in good terms with the husband but I have a problem because my wife is running away but I want to bring her back. I told her that I was confessing to something that she didn’t know for two years. You didn’t catch me,” he said at the time.