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Why assaulted female police corporal could be put on her defence

A policewoman who was assaulted by a British pilot could be put on her defence by her superiors in a strange twist of fate over what sources term as “negligence” during the visit by Deputy President William Ruto in Nyandarua.

The woman could be asked to explain why she was busy on her phone as children broke the cordon and ran past, one of them going to an extent of touching the chopper.

Another flimsy reason, police sources say, is that the officer could also be cited for being “improperly dressed” as she had her swagger stick under the right armpit as opposed to the left one.

“The swagger stick should be on the left side while on duty, which makes it easy to salute when a senior officer comes by,” added the source.

Questions are also being raised as to why it took the intervention of Kenyans on Twitter for police bosses to order an investigation into the events that took place on Sunday.

“Did she file a report? Is there an OB number? Did her bosses trivialise the matter?” wondered a senior police officer.

On Tuesday, Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet ordered an investigation into the incident terming it unacceptable.

“I ordered this morning for the arrest of that pilot who bullied our officer. That behaviour is totally unacceptable,” said Mr Boinnet.

In the video, the well-built pilot is seen approaching female Corporal of Police who was with her male colleague.

Shortly after, he charges at the female officer, forcing standers-by to raise their voices in a bid to scare him off.

The incident took place in Ndunyu Njeru in Nyandarua County.