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At Gatuna border point, 500m translates to one hour time difference

At face value, this seems like any other border point separating two East African countries. This is certainly not the case here though.

Gatuna town, a border town located between Uganda and Rwanda, is unique for one interesting aspect.

The stretch of this border point averages around 500m, and for all those seeking entry into either of the countries, entails a clearance with the immigration officials from either country alongside a through check of each one’s belongings.

However, the five minute average walk for anyone crossing this point entails a significant time adjustment.

Though an East African country, Rwandans use the Central African time, which means the tiny nation is an hour behind the rest of its neighbouring countries including Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

So this half a km stretch from Uganda to Rwanda means one has to adjust his watch backwards by an hour, or forward by a similar amount of time if the journey is vice versa.

In some cases, like when one has subscribed to the Safaricom mobile phone network, the clock automatically adjusts itself.

So apart from the high volume of motor vehicle traffic, immigration offices and other business located on either point of the countries, Gatuna border point is one of the spots in the world, where a 500m distance is separated by an hour.