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Attitude: Mercy Myra and I are not divorced

Mercy Myra’s husband Attitude has denied claims by the singer that the couple is divorced.

Mercy Myra has been maintaining that she divorced her rapper husband and “moved on”.

But in an online reply, Attitude accused Mercy of lying to people about their marriage.

He wrote: “And for the record, what a big fat lie shes been tellin u guys!!! We are not divorced.. Not yet….. Dont know why any media houses havent asked her for divorce papers because as of this minute she CANT produce any…. DO RESEARCH BEFORE BLINDLY WRITING STORIES… The source might be faulty or falicious….. – ATTITUDE”.

The two left the country about 10 years ago to pursue music interests in the United States.

While there, they had one child together.

Mercy returned to Kenya early last year and is yet to return to the United States.