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Babu Owino: No, I’m not Mr Moneybags

University of Nairobi students leader, Paul Ongili, better known as Babu Owino, has denounced claims that he is a wealthy individual with loads of cash to splash around.

Speaking during a TV interview in the wake of violent protests that have rocked the institution in the last few days following his election as chairman of the Students Organization of Nairobi University (Sonu), Babu sought to clarify the perception that he is a moneyed individual.

“The picture of me with stacks of dollar bills; that money wasn’t mine but my friend’s. I took the picture as an inspiration to one day own as much money,” Babu said.

“I have friends with connections and I also own a couple of companies which have gone on to employ University graduates,” he added.


He also distanced himself from reports of social media that he recently organised a Sh14 million birthday bash.

On Monday, opposing camps of students clashed at the main campus in a confrontation that led to the burning of Sonu offices.

However, Babu, who is known to divide opinion as much as he commands support from the students fraternity, said during the interview that he would be serving his last term as Sonu chairman having been elected into office on three previous occasions.

“I am now moving into national politics. Specifically, I want to be the next Embakassi member of parliament,” he said.