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Bathe and clothe your wives, city bishop advises Kenyan men

By Wangu Kanuri December 14th, 2022 2 min read

Bishop Harrison Ng’ang’a of Christian Foundation Fellowship Ministry has schooled Kenyan men on how best to take care of their wives, saying it is the only way they can tame stubborn spouses.

While promoting the “treat your wife as the queen she is” narrative, Bishop Ng’ang’a explained that spoiling a wife with good treatment ensures that she is receptive and at ease.

“Let her not bathe herself, oil her body or make her hair on her own… that is your work as a man,” Bishop Ng’ang’a said in a video clip that has been shared on TikTok.

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Quoting the Bible, Bishop Ng’ang’a said: “It is the work of a man to feed and clothe his wife. So if your wife is working, inform her that her hair is your responsibility.”

Giving an example of his home, the clergyman said he quarrels his wife when she spends money on her hair.

“She responds that she has her own money, but no, a woman should not make her hair or clothe herself as she will be breathing fire around you.”

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Still advising men on how they should best treat their wives, the bishop said younger men understand more what it means to treat their partners well.

“When a young man starts falling in love with a woman, he takes her for coffee dates and when it is energizing her, he tells her how much he loves her. The woman will accept since he has invested in her,” he explained.

The man of the cloth is known for her firm stand on various issues. During the electioneering period he challenged the church to participate in the election, saying praying for good leaders without voting is counter productive.

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