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Hamisa Mobetto’s new man fixing what her ex, Diamond, broke in her life

By Winnie Mabel December 15th, 2022 2 min read

Once upon a time, Kenyan socialite and business lady Anerlisa Muigai wrote on her Instagram stories that sometimes, it’s okay for a person to fake a relationship if it had been publicly announced that they are single as this would keep unnecessary people from coming their way and would also give the person time to choose the person they wanted in peace.

This left us wondering, could Hamisa Mobetto be doing the thing Anerlisa was talking about? We wondered because the Tanzanian socialite/video vixen took to her Instagram on December 13, 2022, to shower love on her new babe but there was nobody – tagged or mentioned – to accompany this babe person!

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Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto

Hamisa posted a photo of herself in her birthday suit in bed, draped with a white duvet as she held onto flowers and spotted a ring on her ring finger.

“To the man fixing the part of me he didn’t break…Thank you for taking good care of my heart bebbi,” Hamisa wrote on Insta.

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This was the first time she alluded to having a man in her life and it remains unknown whether it is clout chasing or a move to mend her heart following her infamous illicit relationship with Tanzanian superstar singer Diamond Platnumz.

This resulted in the birth of one of his many children with many women; and their ongoing child support drama as Hamisa has been complaining that Diamond no longer supports her in comparison to his other baby mama, Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan- probably his most famous baby mama in East Africa!

Hamisa’s revelation of a new man in her life was met with mixed reactions as sampled below:

“Best thing I have seen online today. Amen indeed. You definitely got your soul mate,” said Janet Nguma.

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“You mean you met a man who does not care about your past and all he wants is to love you, full stop?” asked Gracen Salon.

“May God lead it to marriage,” added Official Winnie.

“You’re just lying to people again,” laughed Lil Lemar.

“Where do you people get the time to allow a cameraman to set up and take a photo?” asked Tinola TZ as he laughed.

“You will find that she is single,” added Doris Nigangwa.

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“I like the fact that you keep us interested, Hamisa,” said Candy Rosey.

What do you think? Is her new man real or is this clout chasing to fake getting over her Diamond Platnumz’ sized heartbreak?

Do let us know…

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