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Drama as Kajala and Harmonize fight over car ownership

By Beth Nyambura December 13th, 2022 2 min read

Harmonize ex-lover Fridah Kajala has refused to return the Range Rover she was gifted by the singer.

Harmonize flaunted two Range Rovers he had gifted Kajala early this year when he was wooing her back.

At the time, Harmonize said he chose that model because it is Kajala’s dream car.

He then added that the car wasn’t a ‘bribe’ but something to prove that he was remorseful for hurting her.

The two have since broken up again.

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According to Juma Lokole, the two are fighting over the ownership of the cars.

One of the flashy cars is in her name while the other car was allegedly auctioned because the singer had not finished paying for it.

Harmonize engaged Kajala in June this year and also got a tattoo of her face on his leg.

Harmonize's leg tattoo
Harmonize’s leg tattoo

During the engagement, Harmonize gave Kajala a blue diamond ring which he said was coated in white gold.

According to Lokole, Harmonize bought her a fake proposal ring.

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Kajala dumped him for allegedly impregnating another young woman Kajala said she failed her family and friends by taking him back but she would never repeat such a mistake.

Kajala has also pulled down all the photos she ever took with her Harmonize including engagement one and edited her socials to remove the tags that she is Harmonize’s manager.

Tanzanian singer Harmonize with his girlfriend Frida Kajala. PHOTO | COURTESY

The two have also unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Harmonize has not said anything yet about the break-up but Juma Lokole said Kajala is at peace.

“I was with Kajala and she said she is at peace and enjoying her life.”

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In an Instagram post where Kajala dumped the musician publicly, she wrote, “I am a woman and a human being who is created to love and also forgive, but for this, I’m meant to be laughed at, criticised and even be mocked.

I’m not here to defend myself or point a finger at anyone. It is true I did a mistake and I have accepted that I’m incomplete. Truly, I have erred my family, siblings and friends. #Nimekoma#”

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