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‘My dad never had interest in knowing me,’ Zuchu on pain of having an absentee dad

By Wangu Kanuri December 14th, 2022 2 min read

Tanzanian Bongo Flava artiste Zuchu has disclosed how growing up with an absent father has affected their relationship.

Though she always wanted to have a relationship with him, the Sukari hitmaker reveals that the effort was not reciprocated.

Additionally, she thanked her mother – legendary taarab star – Khadija Kopa for working extra hard to ensure that the two clicked and constantly communicated.

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This saw Zuchu trying to make an effort to meet up with him though half-hearted.

“My dad never had interests [in knowing more about me] so much so that even when they were talking with mom, he never enquired about me or even suggested to mom that he would want to talk with me.”

Having lived with him in the early years of her life, Zuchu said she was perplexed when he left however she was aware that he had another family.

“When I weigh things then, I feel like the other wife and children were more important to him than I was,” she adds.

“Even when they were living together, my dad meeting my needs was so hard.”

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Having had enough of the unrequited father-daughter love, Zuchu reveals that she wrote him a letter. “I told him that he is not my father and that if he was then he would be present. At that time I was in class 2.”

That letter had some effect with Zuchu’s dad visiting him two days after and gave her Tsh20,000 (Ksh 1,000).

“From there I did not see him until the day I was supposed to go to school in Zanzibar, my mother called him and asked him to pick me up. From then on when I was in class four, I have seen my dad when I’m in form three.”

Since their relationship was unidirectional, the Diamond Platnumz’s protégé admits that she got to her limit the day she was in India.

“I called him and told him I was in India and he can get in touch with me via my new number. He just responded okay and that was the end.”

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Having had enough and fed up with the lack of interest from her father, Zuchu made up her mind to only focus on her mother but now she says the dad does reach out more.

“I think he wants me but what I love about him, let me give him credit where he is due is that he has never called me to request my money. I only give him when I want.”

However, Zuchu reveals that on just a random day, his father now calls and asks how she is doing. “That feels good. It feels like I have two parents.”

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