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Bhang-in-Underwear girl released on probation to resume studies

A Form Four student arrested for being in possession of bhang was Tuesday placed on probation for 18 months by a Baricho court.

Principal magistrate Mr Evans Keago preferred a non- custodial sentence against the schoolgirl to allow her undergo guidance and counselling as well as continue with her studies.

Earlier, probation officer Ms Nancy Kabui told the court that the girl had showed remorse and promised to reform into a law abiding citizen.


She also said the girl was still in shock and traumatised and recommended that a non-custodial sentence was the most appropriate for her.


The accused, who was convicted on her own plea of guilt, told the court that she understood clearly that she had been charged with a criminal offence and asked for forgiveness.

In defence, the girl said she had been given the drug by a schoolboy who had sat next to her to throw it out after police had stopped the bus. She said she immediately thought of hiding it.

She has been charged with possession of four rolls of bhang valued at Sh80.

The principal magistrate told the student to cooperate with the probation officer during the period of her probation.


The facts of the case are that traffic police on duty along the Sagana-Karatina road intercepted a Nairobi bound mini-bus which was carrying students from various schools.

When the police searched the student, they found the drug, arrested the girl and charged her with the offence.

The girl was in a group of 45 students who were travelling home for August holidays when they were arrested.