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Blogger Alai roasted on Twitter for rant on Laboso’s illness just hours to her death

Kenyans on Twitter have descended on controversial blogger Robert Alai for his insensitive rant about deceased Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso’s illness.

Alai had Monday afternoon tweeted that Dr Laboso should step aside and stop holding Bomet county hostage with her ill health.

He posted the tweeted as Dr Laboso was fighting for her life in ICU at Nairobi Hospital.

Hours later she was pronounced dead while undergoing treatment for an undisclosed condition.

“Governor Awiti (Homabay) and Joyce Laboso (Bomet) should leave office until they fully recover. The way they hold the respective counties hostage with their illnesses is wrong. It’s like the counties are their personal properties,” Alai had tweeted.

His remarks elicited angry reactions moments Dr Laboso’s family announced her death.

Many called on Alai to pull down his tweet.

“Who thinks that he won’t die, No one is immortal, these are people’s mum, daughters, grandmother’s, aunts and what have you. I dint know if yo8 think utaishi hapa Milele. You fool,” commented @KabarakFinest01

@LindaSigei said; “Very insensitive human being”.

“Someone will one day wish the same for you, the internet never forgets,” posted @MrSteveOtieno

@ItsOnyango said; “Look who is talking… one who can’t even afford to bail himself out of a police cell. Next time nani usitusumbue na Paybill tafadhali. Again, nowhere in law it’s stated Governors/leaders who fall sick have to step aside. Karma is watching you….weeeh.”

“Hope you’re happy now coz she’s dead….Am not here to judge but one day we shall revisit this post,very insensitive post have ever seen,” tweeted @leleikipleting.

“Nature has its ways of paying back don’t mock it. It may not be you, but soon or later it will hit back. Stop playing a Demi God in society. Go apologize to your family in advance,” added owinovic owinskie.

@LyndaMuthoni coomented; “You speak as if you are immortal! How insensitive can you be Alai? Happy now that she’s gone?.