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Bodaboda taxis minting cash

Ferrying commuters through the jam-packed City Centre roads is booming business for motorcycle taxi operators commonly known as bodabodas.

The idea has become very popular with city residents because the motorcycles are able to weave through the traffic with relative ease.

Data from the government shows that in January, registration of new motorcycles shot up 188 per cent in January, highlighting the growing demand from this sector.

According to data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), Kenya registered 13,440 new motorcycles in January, a dramatic increase from December’s 4,666.

“Although last year registered a drop in total registration due to high cost of financing, over the past five years we have seen relative growth in the industry as motorcycles are increasingly used for transportation in rural areas and cities,” Car  and General Managing Director Vijay Gidoomal, who is one of motorbike retailers in the country, said in an interview.

Bodabodas are popular because they are able to penetrate rough, poor roads. Commuters use them  from the drop-off stage area.