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Brenda Wairimu: I made first move on all men I’ve dated

Sassy actress Brenda Wairimu has opened up on her current love life revealing that she is single since breaking up with her baby daddy, rapper Juliani, about three years ago.

There were rumours that following her split with Juliani, she has been having a thing with fellow actor Ephy Saint.

The two play boyfriend and girlfriend on TV drama series Monica that was shot two years ago. Their screen chemistry has been rumoured to have been brought into real life.

But the amiable and talented actress says she has been single all this time since she parted ways with Juliani, the father of her five-year-old daughter Amor.

“Our work takes a strong person to be with someone who pretends to be in love with someone else for TV and the people take my on-screen relationship with a lot of seriousness. They feel it’s real and think those are dating, those ones they must have had something before but it’s just literally for TV,” Brenda revealed on a live feed with media personality Shaffie Weru.

On-and-off relationship

Brenda and Juliani had an on-and-off relationship for eight years before parting ways for good. Brenda now says she doesn’t see herself dating anytime soon.

The petit thespian says relationships are demanding, noting that since the break-up from Juliani, she has gained some weight.

“When you are in a relationship this person affects you more than any other person can. Since I have been by myself I have not felt lonely. I have not felt the need to go out there and find someone. I was in a long relationship and I gave it a lot so I guess I’m gaining that pole pole,” Brenda stated.

She also revealed that she made the first moves on all the men she has dated.

“All the people I have dated I made the first move… But I’m not dating anytime soon. I can’t do it,” she added.

With the lockdown situation, Brenda said she hasn’t been having many acting jobs.

She has turned to gardening and monologues.