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Brown Mauzo pens heartfelt message to his children with Vera Sidika

Musician Brown Mauzo has conveyed a heartfelt message to his two children, Asia Brown and Ice Brown, born during his marriage to socialite Vera Sidika.

Mauzo shared endearing videos on his Instagram, capturing tender moments as he carried and hugged his cherished babies.

In a post shared by Mauzo on Thursday, December 21, the artist poured his emotions into words, affirming his commitment to his children despite any circumstances.

“When I look in your eyes, I see my home. I see eternity, And no matter what may come our way, I promise that I’ll always choose you, my children,” he wrote.

The timeline of the shared videos remains unclear, leaving fans to speculate whether the moments captured were recent or from a time when Mauzo and Sidika still shared a house.

The sentiment-filled post comes in the wake of Mauzo’s noticeable absence from their daughter Asia’s second birthday celebration in October, organised by Vera Sidika.

The event sparked mixed reactions among fans, leading to Mauzo addressing the circumstances behind his non-participation.

In an interview with Nairobi News, Mauzo revealed that his discomfort with the venue, which was Vera’s apartment, influenced his decision not to attend.

“I have been so close to Asia, and I wish I could have attended that birthday, but there were things that were going on. She said she did not want me close to her immediately after she came back to the country,” explained Mauzo.

Elaborating further, Mauzo expressed:

“Again, the birthday happened at her house, and I was not okay going to her house. It would have reminded me so much of my memories about us. It would have also been so hard for me to leave my kids. We had just separated two months ago, and I have not healed.”

Mauzo conveyed his desire to spend time with his children outside of the house before participating in the birthday celebration at Vera’s residence.