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Burglar narrowly escapes mob injustice after breaking into police officer’s house

A burglar narrowly escaped death after he was attacked by members of the public shortly after he broke into the house of a police officer, stole his uniform and put them on.

The Tuesday evening incident happened at FIMS area in Eldoret and was reported at Eldoret Police Station.

The victim was later identified as Jeff Kimutai arap Kogo.

“He was arrested by police officers who saved him from the mob and taken to the police station. Upon interrogation it emerged that he had stolen the clothes from an officer who was away,” reads the police statement.

According to police report, the burglar also stole a pair of black boots, a black beret with AP head badge, a jungle jacket, a jungle belt and a note book from the officer’s house.

It is however not clear how the burglar ended up in the camp and investigations into the matter are ongoing.