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Butita: I’m not expecting a baby with Mammitto

Comedian Butita has reacted to reports that his rumoured girlfriend witty comedienne Mamitto is pregnant with his child.

The rumours were fuelled by a photo the comedian recently shared on Instagram showing party balloons arranged to read ‘It’s a human’.


Many blogs and fans were quick to conclude that the pair are expecting their first child with many arguing that Butita was trying to pass the presupposed message in the post.

But while speaking to Nairobi News, Butita flatly denied the rumours.

“Bro I’m not expecting a child with anyone, but I get it. People are always quick to interpret information as to how they so wish,” Butita explained.

This is not the first time that Butita and Mammito have had to deny claims that they are expecting a baby. They did so in 2018 when a picture of Mamitto surfaced online showing her with what appeared to many to be a baby bump.


For years the two comedians, who both shot into the limelight through Churchill Show, have been reported to be an item.

However, they have never come out to deny or confirm the reports but they continue to hang out and spend some quality time together.

Butita, as usual, was dodgy on the subject.

“Whoever is interested to know what kind of a relationship we have, he or she should find both of us together and pose the question, so that he or she can have both sides of the story,” he told Nairobi News.