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CA gives GOtv, Star Times 48 hours to broadcast free-to-air channels

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has given all pay-tv providers 48 hours to allow Free-to-Air broadcast access on their decoders.

The directive follows complaints from consumers that they were not able to access the FTA services since their service providers had configured their DTT platforms to bar some their set-top boxes from receiving free to air TV signals from other platforms.

“The Authority through consumers has received complaints that some Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) service providers have configured their DTT platforms to bar some DTT set top boxes from receiving free to air (FTA) TV signal from other DTT platforms,” CA said in a statement.

In a statement, CA director-general, Mercy Wanjau gave an example of GoTv, which has barred consumers from accessing the PANG, Signet, Bamba and ADN channels for free.

“For example, some GOtv set top boxes have been barred from receiving FTA channels transmitted from PANG DTT platform or vice versa. The said action is contrary to our regulatory directive that all type approved DVB-T2 set top boxes should be configured to receive all Free To Air channels transmitted from any available DTT platform without any restriction whatsoever,” she said.

She said that barring reception of FTA broadcasting signals is a violation of licence conditions, the Act and Regulations.

“We therefore direct all licensed DTT broadcast signal distributors and DTT pay TV providers to unconditionally remove any restrictions and enable reception of all FTA broadcast signals from all other DTT platforms within forty eight hours (48 HRS) from 30th March 2020, failure to which the Authority will take necessary measures,” the statement added.