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Celebrity couple Nameless and Wahu release same song on same day

Celebrity couple Nameless and Wahu have both released songs with the same title ‘This Love” while using Sauti sol’s Bien -Aime Baraza and his wife Chiki Onwekwe as their vixens.

Nameless sings about a love tainted by arguments and broken communication while Wahu sings with joy about the abundance of love and happiness in her relationship.

Nameless’ love interest is played by Chiki while Wahu’s love interest is played by Bien.

Though the songs have completely different stories, both were shot at the same place.

In the end, Nameless is seen at the bar counter sitting frustrated and looking at his drink before he turns and looks at Wahu who is also enjoying her drinks while sitting at the counter happy and all smiley.

So far Wahu’s version has the highest number of views (over 200,000) on YouTube, Nameless is following closely with over 130,000 views.

On Thursday Nameless trended on Twitter for the better part of the day and this is what he had to say.

‘’So you have decided to give Wahu more views on YouTube so that she does not frown and for me to avoid sleeping on the couch. I see what you are all doing to help keep the peace in the Mathenge’s residence.’’

Here is what Kenyans on social media were saying.