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Chameleone runs into trouble with Ugandan taxman over taxes for his new ride

Ugandan musician Jose Chameleone has been caught up in a row with the Uganda Revenue Authorities (URA) over claims that he has failed to pay an estimated Sh2 million in taxes for a high-end car.

At the weekend, the Tubonge hit maker was intercepted by URA officials outside a TV station where he was headed for an interview and performance. The officials demanded documentation of the car, which appears the singer didn’t have.

A video clip doing the rounds on social media shows the artiste raising his voice at the officials who however stuck to their guns.

“You cannot come to me on a public holiday and start bringing your nonsense. We are fed up, we are tired! Today is a public holiday, Easter. When does URA rest,” posed Chameleone.

The tax collectors eventually let Chameleone proceed to his duties, but not without promising to revisit the subject.

The vehicle which bears South Sudan registration numbers was reportedly handed to the singer as a ‘gift’ by one of his fans.