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Chantel Crazioli responds to Eric Omondi ‘clout chasing’

Chantal Grazioli, the ex-girlfriend of comedian Eric Omondi, has distanced herself from the latter’s public drama that has seen him attract media headlines on a number of controversial matters.

But the Italian appeared to aim a dig at Omondi by stating she is not interested in ‘ fake clout chasing’.

She then stressed that she was not that concerned about what happens in the comedian’s life at the moment considering the pair went through an amicable break-up.

“Foremost, I am not all about fake clout chasing,” she explained on her social media page.

“I have been silent and never spoken all along regarding my previous relationship with Eric, We left each other on good terms as adults. I want to clear my name from this madness, there are things said about me at some latest interviews that are not true regarding my family and me.”

“I have been approached by many people asking about false information said on my behalf out there. Please I have my own life and my own businesses to concentrate on PEACEFULLY.
I will continue dealing with serious people ONLY! And to all you FAKE CLOWNS (you know yourself) stop contacting me,” she added.

Omondi recently made headlines by following a not so diplomatic exchange with baby mama Jacque on social media.

Maribe had accused Omondi of being a deadbeat dad while and he responded by questioning the paternity of the child before the two appeared in a video and claimed they have settled their differences.

Omondi, meanwhile, broke up with Chantal in 2019 after dating for four years.

The same year he confirmed reports he was the father of Maribe’s son.

Since, Maribe and Omondi have been making public appearances together.