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Charlene Ruto’s fans urge her to include LGBTQ rights in Top 30 Agenda

Kenya’s first daughter Charlene Ruto is set to share the key agendas she wants to fulfill this year.

She requested her followers on social media to suggest some of the issues they would like to have tackled in her “Top 30 Agenda”.

The first daughter said she is finalizing the key agendas Kenyan youths proposed to her.

“You were all amazing. A lot of superb ideas came through. It hasn’t been an easy task going through all of them, but we are almost finalizing the list of the Top 30; which we will share soon across the various platforms we engage in. Thank you for your participation,” said Charlene.

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Several Kenyans shared their insights on what they would love Charlene to work on.

Here is the top 10 list of ideas:

  1. Mental health and well-being
  2.  Alcohol, drugs, and substance abuse
  3. Empowering the boy child
  4. Climate change and environmental sustainability
  5. Technology
  6. Digital literacy
  7. New business ventures
  8. Bridging the gap by bringing international investments which will create jobs locally and lift local standards
  9. Environmental conservation
  10. Queer rights

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This comes after Charlene celebrated her 30th birthday in style.

While celebrating her big day, she asked Kenyans youths to slide into her DM, not to thirst on her but to present ther first 30 things they would love her to work on this year.

“For my 30th, I’d wish to get insights from the Kenyan Youth. Kindly comment or DM the 30 things we can work together on this year to add value to our country. We will share the top 30 next week,” she wrote.

After her father, President William Ruto, assumed office, Charlene has been engaging Kenyans in various activities.

In 2022 she boldly launched her foundation and traversed the counties advocating for climate action and youth empowerment.

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