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Charlene Ruto gets a stylist? First Daughter offer up hot looks

By Nyaboga Kiage January 18th, 2023 2 min read

Seems the first daughter Charlene Ruto has gotten herself a stylist after Kenyans criticized her look several times.

The vocal Charlene, on the first day of the year, shared a picture of her well-kept hair.

The smiley Charlene captioned the post, “I can’t wait to see what 2023 holds. Happy New Year. May good tidings be your potion this entire year.”

And as the first month of the new year came to an end, Charlene celebrated her 30th birthday on January 11.

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A week after celebrating her birthday with family and close friends, the mother of one shared a beautiful photo of herself with well-kept hair making her more gorgeous.

“Last Wednesday, I finally joined the infamous 3rd floor and turned a year older. For my 30th, I’d wish to get insight from the Kenyan Youths.

The president’s daughter had light makeup and was all glowing.

In the past, Kenyans have begged her to put more effort into her look, with TikTok Mourine Mwangi even offering to be her hairstylist.

She noted that she respected Charlene and was respectfully asking for the position since she believed she could deliver. Mourine said she could get quality wigs for her and lovely makeup that brought out the simplicity in Charlene.

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TikTok star Mummie Francie critiqued Charlene dressing during the Jamhuri Day celebrations.
In a video she posted on her TikTok Mummie sympathised with the President’s daughter for constantly being the talk of the town.

“The dress…I acknowledge that the cost of the dress is enough to feed me for three years but no. It is a beautiful dress but not for the occasion.”

Mummie said, “You see these deras, I can make them into lovely gowns. I’m happy to work with you to get clothes for different events. You can have a dress made just for you that will fit you properly.

The video creator added that she has seen Charlene wearing short wigs, which fit her better than the long ones. She went on to explain that Charlene’s wigs are a “cry for help.”

“Pixie wigs can make you look better. Do not get a wig that will look as though you’ve put a nest on your head. Pixie wigs are flat and they hide the ‘Kenya forehead’. Get black 133 wig colours.

You can visit any governor in Kenya or elsewhere, and they will all compliment you on how good you look. Avoid the long wigs and look for pixie styles.

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