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Willis Raburu’s wife, Ivy Namu, on her battle with postpartum depression – Exclusive

Content creator and influencer Ivy Namu has revealed her personal struggle with postpartum depression following the birth of her second child, Yara.

Namu, who is engaged to media personality Willis Raburu, told Nairobi News openly about her experience, shedding light on the challenges many women face silently.

Willis Raburu and his partner Ivy Namu. PHOTO | COURTESY

Speaking to Nairobi News, the mother of two said she fought postpartum unknowingly.

“I feel like postpartum depression was the lowest part of me. I didn’t see it coming. I am very big on mental health and I speak about it on my social media but I had it and I didn’t realize it until I was almost out of it. That was quite tough because I had a lot of self-doubt about myself as a mother, my position as a wife and just everything.”

The mother of two expressed that the experience led to self-doubt about her capabilities as a mother and her role as a wife.

She expressed gratitude for the support from her close family, particularly her husband, Willis Raburu.

“I kept questioning about everything. I was a stay-at-home mum so for a while I was feeling unaccomplished. It was a lot of inner battles. I appreciate and thank God because I had the support from my husband. he was very gentle on me and I have managed to get out of it but what shocked me is that I didn’t know I was in it.”

Namu also encouraged people to be kind to nursing women, as many may be facing similar challenges without realizing it.

“Most women go through the same without knowing. I would encourage spouses and people to be kind around women who are nursing their children. Like for me it happened with my second child. I was feeling guilty and I even didn’t want anyone to hold my child and so, I used to get very tired.”

Willis Raburu and fiancée Ivy Namu. PHOTO| COURTESY

To her fans and followers, Namu imparted valuable advice, emphasising kindness, understanding, and support.

Namu also spoke about the importance of being ambassadors of grace, especially in the digital age where children are growing up in the internet space.

“My advice is that people should be kind to each other as everyone is figuring out this life for the first time. Give people grace and if you feel like you have something to tell someone, just send a message to their inbox. Our kids are growing in the internet space, so, be ambassadors of grace because how would you tell your child not to be a bully when you were one?

Let us support each other,” she said.