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How Chase Bank employees reacted to reopening of their Bank – Video

A video has emerged showing the exact moment a group of Chase Bank employees broke into song and dance after it was confirmed that the lender would reopen next Wednesday.

The video shows a group of elated Chase Bank employees doing the shuffle dance to ‘I Know Who I Am’, a gospel song by Sichan from Nigeria.

The Chase Bank employees was a worried lot after the bank went into receivership two weeks ago after it experienced liquidity difficulties and consequently was unable to meet its financial obligations.

This was caused by panic withdrawals after reports of  alleged mismanagement emerged.

In Kenya’s bank history, as CBK governor Dr Patrick Njoroge put it, no bank has ever come back to operate after being put under receivership. The employees usually end up losing their jobs and also their benefits, hence the reason they were happy and dancing.

Already, some mischievous Kenyans had started circulating some pictures of Chase Bank female employees, claiming that they were jobless and therefore vulnerable.

On Wednesday Dr Njoroge announced that the collapsed bank would reopen all its branches on Wednesday, April 27, 2016 after Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) acquired a majority stake in it.

KCB won the bid to procure a majority stake in the collapsed bank after beating nine other international and local suitors who had expressed interest.

According to the Governor, KCB will over the next two days conduct due diligence on the structure of the bank before injecting capital into the bank.