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Is this the cheapest eatery in Nairobi?

The University of Nairobi administration has banned cooking inside halls of residence and slashed food prices at the student mess by 25 per cent making it arguably the cheapest eatery in Nairobi.

A plate of plain beef stew will now cost Sh34 from Sh45, while that of fried chicken will go for Sh41 from Sh55.

The two orders would each set you back by upwards of Sh300 in an ordinary Nairobi restaurant.

UoN deputy vice-chancellor Isaac Mbeche, in a memo to the students, says that the move was aimed at getting “students back to the kitchen due to the threat posed by the serious dangers of cooking in the halls of residence”.

“I take this opportunity to welcome all the students who have been cleared, back to the university. As we start from where we left, I wish to inform all the students who will be accommodated in the halls of residence that the University Senate and the University management board supported the recommendation that there will be no cooking in the halls,” the memo, dated May 3, read in part.

The reduced prices are as follows:

Beef stew Sh34

Fried chicken Sh41

Fried fish Sh30

Savoury mince Sh23

Matumbo stew Sh20

Liver stew Sh30

Ndengu stew Sh8

Beans stew Sh8

Githeri Sh20

Irio Sh23

Fried sukuma wiki Sh5

Fried cabbages Sh5

Steamed rice Sh8

Pilau rice Sh23

Chapati Sh8

Ugali Sh8

White tea Sh8

Mandazi Sh5

Boiled egg Sh8

Fried egg Sh12