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Top 5 matatu saccos ripping off commuters

The recent heavy downpour that has been experienced in Nairobi has come with its down side to most commuters who have to endure prolonged transportation on flooded roads.

As if the crazy traffic jam at rush hour is not enough, Nairobians have also had to do with increased fares by matatu operators on certain routes.

Here are the most notorious city routes that have been hiking fares to ridiculous prices:

1. Ongota Rongai

On normal days, matatus on this route charges Sh150 during peak hours to and from the city center. During the rainy season, the figure can go as high as between Sh200 and Sh500, the most notorious Sacco being Oromats Sacco.

A matatu belonging to Prime Oromats Sacco which ply the Ongata Rongai-Town route.

2. Umoja/Komarock

Umoinner Sacco matatus (Town-Umoja-Town) and matatus from Marvelous Sacco (Town-Komarock-Town) both ply Jogoo road with peak hours fare on normal days being Sh80. But on a rain day or on a day of crazy traffic fare can go as high as Sh150.

3. Langata

Matatus plying the Langata road route always have to contend with the traffic between Nyayo Stadium and Haile Sealssie Avenue. The normal peak hour fare is usually Sh70 but the rains can make the charges to shoot to between Sh120 and Sh150.

4. Kayole

This route has a number of Saccos with matatus belonging to Forward Travelers being the most popular ones. Matatus belonging to Pin Point Sacco and Prime TransCity Sacco also ply the same route. At hours the normal fare is usually Sh80 but on rainy day commuters get to pay as much as Sh150. Matatus belonging to Prime TransCity Sacco are the most notorious for hiking fares.

A matatu belonging to Prime Transcity Sacco which ply the Town-Kayole-Town route.
A matatu belonging to Prime Transcity Sacco which ply the Town-Kayole-Town route.

5. Banana

Matatus on this route charge Sh70 at peak hour which shoots Sh100 in the event of a sudden downpour or heavy traffic. Interestingly, this a route that doesn’t experience much traffic jam.