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Chinedu, Akinyi still exchanging bitter words a decade after ugly split

Businesswoman Akinyi Chinedu and her estranged husband Anthony Chinedu and appear not to have moved on from their bitter and public divorce a decade ago.

This follows a fresh heated exchange earlier this week that saw them throw some not so pleasant accusations at each other.

Akinyi kick off a storm during an interview on Jalang’o TV this week when she accused her Nigerian former lover of celebrating her woes and allegedly paying bloggers to soil her name.

She said Chinedu supposedly managed to get away with a bigger portion of investments the couple made in Nigeria when they were still together, including a number of luxurious houses.

“He was happy when I was jailed with mheshimiwa (Raphael Wanjala) in India,” claimed Akinyi who owns and operates the once popular Deepwest hotel situated in Nairobi West.

Akinyi and Budalangi lawmaker Wanjala spent three months at an Indian jail following allegations of money laundering in 2008 but were later cleared and released to return home.

“We invested more in Nigeria as compared to Kenya. We made this money together, so it only makes sense that I was left with what was in Kenya and he takes over what is in Nigeria,” added Akinyi.

But an irked Chinedu hit back at her through a lengthy social media post in which she accused Akinyi of infidelity and masterminding her deportation to reportedly benefit from his wealth.

“Akinyi had a one-bedroomed mabati in Eastleigh and another one-bedroom in Rongai when I met her,” claimed Chinedu, who was deported from Kenya in 2013 over drug trafficking claims.

“I had invested millions (of shillings) in Jacaranda, Deepwest Resort, Real Estate Elegance 1 and 2, bought houses for my kids and Akinyi is now claiming that I am the one who stole from her.”

Akinyi and Chinedu went their separate ways in 2009 after an ugly and widely reported spat and since then Akinyi has fought off claims from the authorities that she peddled narcotics.

In July 2019, she was arrested with 2kg of heroin with a street value of about Sh4 million after a raid at her Nairobi West hotel, that being the fourth time she had a run in with the authorities.