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Christine Nampeera: Ugandan doctor explains risks of having sex in the toilet

A Ugandan doctor by the name Dr Kizza Blair took the time to explain the risks of people engaging in carnal activities in or on the toilet.

He was speaking in the wake of an incident where curvy Ugandan influencer and DJ Christine Nampeera was reportedly captured in a now viral video of herself and her boyfriend knowing each other in a nightclub’s toilet cubicle.

According to Dr Blair, having sex in the toilet is extremely risky and carries significant health risks.

“First off, there’s a heightened risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) due to the unhygienic environment of a public restroom. Always prioritize safe and clean spaces for intimate moments. Another concern is the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like chlamydia, gonorrhea and even HIV. Public restrooms may not offer the privacy and cleanliness needed to engage in safe sexual practices,” began Dr Blair in a lengthy Twitter thread.

He went on to mention the increased risks of contracting HIV and unintended pregnancy especially if condoms are not used during the session.

“It is important to mention that even if you are not having penetrative sex; skin-skin contact can still expose you to contagious conditions like herpes and genital warts. To mitigate these risks, consider engaging in sexual activities in a private, clean and comfortable space. If you do find yourself in a public restroom, remember to use barriers like condoms or dental dams and thoroughly clean up afterward,” concluded Dr Blair.

Dr Blair also noted that people should be careful about having sex in the club because it could be evolve into an instance of non-consensual or coerced activity if either of the party is under the influence of alcohol.

Ms Nampeera and her boyfriend were filmed secretly by an unknown person through the toilet window. The video has since gone viral on various social media platforms.

In a prior Nairobi News report, it was reported that Christine took to X (formerly Twitter) and apologized for her behavior to her family, friends and boyfriend, Mr Barasha, for the video, saying what had been recorded should have been a private affair.

“Guys, please stop sharing those videos. I’m suicidal right now,” she later said.

The videos continue to make waves in East Africa and is being used to ‘unite’ a region that is often at loggerheads on social media wars. Many expressed disappointment in Ms Nampeera while others ogled at her prowess and made lewd remarks.

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