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Churchill gets backlash over vile comment on rape

March 23rd, 2015 2 min read

Kenya’s comedy king Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill was savagely attacked by his fans Monday morning when he appeared to justify the rape of unaccompanied women at night.

The message: ‪”#‎JustAsking….So, a MARRIED WOMAN agrees to meet a honorable MALE MP at 10:30 pm?… ALONE …?” was posted on Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki aka Mwalimu King’ang’i’s Facebook page Monday morning.

The controversial post on Facebook.
The controversial post on Facebook.

The controversial post has since been removed from the page which attracts nearly 1.3 million ‘Likes’.


Unguarded comments by television personalities on sensitive issues like rape and gender violence have traditionally sparked massive withdrawal of sponsorship from corporate organisations supporting their shows.

Television stations have also routinely suspended such personalities so as not to be seen to be supportive of their opinions.

In Britain, TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson was recently suspended over expletive-filled description of the BBC executives while at a charity event in London.


Churchill’s comment seem to arise from claims that Imenti Central MP Gideon Mwiti brutally assaulted and raped a woman who visited him in his private office in Westlands on Saturday night.

Later, he tweeted  an apology, claiming he intended to ignite a public discussion.

“@MwalimChurchill •That MP tweet wasn’t meant to condone or justify RAPE under any circumstances,but to initiate a conversation that CONDEMNS it-so let’s talk!”

@MwalimChurchill • I am truly sorry if that tweet rubbed you the wrong way- that was not the intention.”

In two hours, the offensive Facebook post had been liked by nearly 1,000 people, shared 36 times and attracted hundreds of comments.


Most of the fans found the post to be distasteful and slammed the comedian over it.

Maggie Nyash said: “And why can A MARRIED MP. MAN request to meet a married woman at 10:30pm….kenyan men are just pathetic n chauvinists…nkt.”

Mluhya Jeuri wondered why should married woman show up for a live recording of Churchill Show at 8:00pm alone.

Mzee-mzima Walta weighed in: “So in your opinion that justifies rape? You need to be more responsible in your posts especially with such a huge following.”

Bravo Humphrey said: “Is it really late or? Wakenya niwalele so why should married wemen agree to come tu yua show at night? (sic)”

Tim Linge wrote: “I also read mischief in attending your shows after 8.00PM.”

And Hiram Gachugi was baffled, saying: “I am still trying to wrap my mind around the stupidity in your reasoning………. correct me if I am wrong. So every time the hands of your wristwatch strike 10.30pm everyday, then rape is on the menu for every woman who is not indoors??”