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Ciara acknowledges Kenya’s Okello Max for unique remix in viral video

Kenyan artiste Okello Max has found his way into the spotlight, thanks to his distinctive take on American RnB sensation Ciara’s hit collaboration with Chris Brown, “How We Roll.”

The Grammy Award-winning singer recently extended her appreciation to Okello Max for his remix, which boasts a unique blend of style, voice, and a distinctive Luo flavour.


How are we rolling my people, you can tag @Ciara hata mara mia 😊 after showing some love ofcourse, let’s show her how Kenyans Roll ❤️🫶🏾 @chrisbrownofficial #howweroll #howwerollchallenge #howwerollopenverse #ciara #chrisbrown

♬ original sound – Ciara

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Ciara, known for her chart-topping hits and dynamic stage presence, stumbled upon Okello Max’s remix through an online open-verse challenge she initiated.

This challenge encouraged musicians and fans worldwide to put their creative spin on “How We Roll,” opening the door for Okello Max to seize the opportunity and participate.

Okello Max, a prominent figure in the Kenyan music scene, crafted a remix that captivated fans and ultimately caught the attention of Ciara herself.

American RnB icon Ciara. PHOTO| COURTESY

Delighted by Okello Max’s interpretation of her song, Ciara took to her Instagram account to share a snippet of the remix, accompanied by a caption that exclaimed, “Good vibes! Africa in the house!”

Social media platforms quickly filled with positive comments from fans of both Ciara and Okello Max, all applauding his immense talent. Okello Max, humbled and excited by Ciara’s recognition, reciprocated with gratitude on his own social media channels.

This international acknowledgment has not only propelled Okello Max to new heights in his musical career but has also underscored the influential role of social media in today’s music industry.

Ciara’s open verse challenge has successfully united artistes from diverse backgrounds while fostering unique cross-cultural musical expressions.

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Okello Max’s journey to musical acclaim has been a remarkable one. Born Julius Okello McRymboh in Kisumu County, Kenya, he discovered his love for music at a young age while growing up in the small village of Kanyakwar.

His musical journey began with singing in a choir led by his uncle. Despite facing various challenges, Okello Max pursued his passion.

Kenyan rapper Okello Max. PHOTO| COURTESY

He later pursued higher education and graduated from Moi University with a degree in Linguistics, Media, and Communication in 2017.

Before embarking on his music career, Okello Max ventured into various odd jobs, displaying a determination that would later become integral to his success.

Today, Okello Max is signed to Sol Generation Records, a prominent Kenyan record label that focuses on nurturing new and emerging artists. His recognition in the music scene began in 2019 when he featured as a background singer in Sauti Sol’s hit song “Extravaganza.” Shortly after, he released his debut single, “Kiss,” which swiftly became a fan favorite.

Okello Max’s discography boasts other popular tracks such as “Nakufa,” “Amezaliwa,” and “Rhumba Japani,” all of which have cemented his status as a rising star in the Kenyan and international music landscape.

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