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City couple arrested for locking girls to perform live sex online

Police are holding a man and his wife on suspicion of running a brothel after they raided their house in Donholm estate on Tuesday and found half-naked women.

The couple, Dan and Marceline, were arrested in their six-bedroom maisonette which they live in with their children, together with five sex performers.

The sex performers reportedly engage in lesbianism with each other for an online audience.

Police were tipped about the activities in the house by one of the sex performers who managed to escape from the house.

The Form Two dropout from Mombasa, had come to Nairobi in December 2016 after being promised employment as a domestic worker in the house. She was introduced to the couple by her aunt.


The girl told KTN that when she refused to perform the sexual acts, her aunt had threatened to kill her. She performed sexual acts for the online viewers for four months before escaping.

Her escape came after an online client requested her to perform a sex act using toys. Her refusal sparked an altercation with the woman of the house which quickly turned violent. She fled and tipped the police on the activities inside the maisonette.

Police raided the house on Tuesday and found a number of laptops mounted with cameras which were live online. They also found an array of sex toys inside the bedrooms.

The half-naked women found in the house claimed that they were models who just chat with clients all over the world.

The girl told police that the online audience consists mostly of foreigners who reportedly pay top dollar to watch the women engage in lesbianism. The viewers pay a weekly subscription fee.

She said the couple pays the sex performers between Sh10,000 to Sh15,000 each per month.

According to her, the viewers pay more to watch children engage in sexual acts. She claimed the there is a woman who lives in the house who once allowed her underage daughter to perform for a client after being lured by the money.


According to Kenya’s penal code, CAP 63 (156), “Being the tenant, lessee or occupier, or person in charge, of any premises, knowingly permits the premises or any part therefore to be used as a brothel is guilty of a felony.”

But the same law does not clearly outline the punishment of such an offence.

The couple and the women were arrested and now are awaiting to be charged with misdemeanor offence.