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City Hall to review all matatu termini in the city centre

The Nairobi City County will review all public Service vehicle termini in the city centre in a bid to decongest the city.

This has been prompted by the current heavy traffic in CBD during rush hours caused by matatus that have converted major roads into pick up zones.

The most affected roads are Tom Mboya street, Moi Avenue, Ronald Ngala street, Latema road and Accra road.

The County Executive Committee member of Roads and transport Mohammed Abdullahi said that traffic jams in the CBD have dented the city’s economy.

“The Economy cannot be built by someone stuck for over two hours in the traffic heading somewhere for business,”said Mohammed.

He said Moi Avenue had become a nightmare for motorists after matatu crews converted some sections into termini where they pick up and drop off passengers.

He said the Central railway station had a collapsed as a terminus after being taken over by cartels who now regulate the vehicles that operate in the area .

“Railway Station terminus is like a market place. There is a cartel that is running the terminus. Let them be warned the law will catch up with them,” said Mr.Mohammed.

He said most matatus in Nairobi have become “an angry picture of the town”.