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Seven types of Nairobi women to avoid

Have you been wondering where all the good women are? Yes? Then you have probably been choosing the wrong ones. Here’s a look into some of the women you may have run into. Women you will meet in the streets of Nairobi who are totally wrong for any man;

1.The gold digger – Lucky for you, this woman who is only after your wallet can be sniffed from kilometers away. She is the kind of woman who will want to know where you work, live and what kind of car you drive right after saying hello to you. She isn’t interested in you as a man but in what you can buy and this is clear from the beginning. If you are not careful with this one, she will get pregnant, split and then sue you for child support so that she can continue donning those expensive Brazilian weaves.

2. The man hater – This is the kind of woman who will call into those radio shows to complain about the many wrongs that the male folk are responsible for in the world. She is angry with the male gender because somewhere along the way, a man hurt her or broke her heart. If you get involved with her, you will pay for this man’s sins.

3. The wall flower – This woman is a serial flirt. She may not necessarily cheat on you but she will lean on, touch, smile and flick her hair at every man she meets. This may be the very thing that attracted you to her but if you get involved with her, it will be the very thing that causes friction in your relationship. She will not stop the flirting because it is a result of deep seated self-esteem issues. She will always be looking for attention even at the expense of your relationship.

4. The clingy one – At first, this woman may appear independent. She will look beautiful and have a great career or business going for her. Once you step into the picture, all this ceases and her life begins revolving around yours. She wants to spend every waking moment with you. This relationship will not work. Both of you need to first grow as individuals before you can grow as a couple.

5. The party girl – After a long week’s work, most people want to let their hair down. At least every so often. Your first days with the party girl will be thrilling because she will make you feel relaxed and alive. This is until you realize that partying is all she does. Do not buy into the belief that women can be changed. Even if you give her five babies, she will still not miss karaoke night for anything in the world.

6. The drama queen – This one thrives on the drama. It is present in every area of her life; her job, her friendships and her family. There are always things that are going wrong in her life and she is always blaming other people for it. She doesn’t take responsibility for anything that goes on in her life. If you date her, you will automatically be responsible for all the wrongs in the relationship.

7. Miss Fantasy – This is the Nairobi woman who is hooked to Telemundo and who believes all the lies in those Mexican soap operas. She believes in the pictures that she sees in those magazines that she spends hours slipping through. This woman will get into a relationship with impossibly high expectations. You can’t make her happy.