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City househelp goes missing with toddler

A family in Nairobi is looking for their two year-old daughter who went missing with a Ugandan househelp on Wednesday.

Francis Owino’s family has been appealing through social media for the whereabouts of Baby Kaity Amanda with no luck.

Baby Amanda was last seen by security guards Villa Franca estate, in Imara Daima, on Wednesday, 10 am in the company of the househelp Jessica Nawire.

According to Baby Amanda’s paternal uncle Maurice Ochieng, who spoke to Nairobi News, the security guards said the baby was wearing a white track suit while the househelp had a black skirt.


“The guards, did not note the color of the househelp’s topm,  but she had carried a school bag. The two had left my brother’s first born aged 6 at the playground,” said Mr Ochieng.

Nawire, who is said to be a Ugandan citizen, had only worked for the Owinos for two weeks and did not have a mobile phone.

She had been brought to Nairobi by Baby Amanda’s grandmother who lives in Sega, Siaya county,  after a referral from a friend’s househelp.

The grandmother has since traced Nawire’s home about 100km from Kampala where she met with the househelp’s father.


“When my mom notified the father, he said they had not seen Nawire since she left home on July 23 to travel to our home in Sega. They gave her a photo which is the one we have been using in the search,” said Mr Ochieng.

Nawire arrived in Nairobi on August 2 in the company of Baby Amanda’s grandmother and had been keen on following her employer’s instructions.

On the day of disappearance, she had only been assigned ordinary house chores and there was no scheduled market or shop visit.