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City mums can’t agree whether house helps should wear uniforms. What do you think?

Nairobi mums are split on whether house helps should wear uniforms in their homes at all times.

The discussion was started by a mum who fired her house help hours after she arrived from shaggs and refused to wear uniform.

The city mum asked what other mums thought of her actions, unwittingly opening up a debate that divided opinions among womenfolk.

The mum explained; “My reasons for having the uniforms is that I used to get housegals from Ushago and they used to only travel with 2/3 clothes to change…of which some were too tight and revealing too much. So I was forced to buy them clothes and I got too tired for that overtime, so I decided enough is enough nikajipeke Nakumatt and boom bought 3pairs Nanny uniforms and my life has been so easy after that.”


“Funny enough, when they are hired to work in Indian homes, they wear uniforms without questions… Mbona madharau kwa fellow Africans? Even at work we wear uniform…When did uniform become demeaning? She didn’t want the job,” a mum commented.

“I’d like to see the reactions if our employers demanded we wear uniforms throughout…Then again we spend about 8hrs only per day with our employers…Nurses, flight attendants etc don’t live with their employers so they get to wear what they like. The DM (domestic manager) on the other hand live with us 24\7..except for afew hours off days those that are lucky to have off days…Demanding they wear uniforms is extreme…Its easier to ask them to be decent. #Mytwocents treat others as you’d like to be treated,” a mum wrote.

“If I was a dm I would not mind putting on the uniform. Yes, even me my work we put on uniforms. From head till shoes. I so love it. It has saved me alot on wardrobe manenos. Huyo dm ni mjuaji and rude,” another added.

“Halafu mtu akitoka kwenda shop anaenda na uniform ama tena ana change akirudi anavaa? Tel someone to be decent ata Mimi siezi vaa, DM ni job kama zingine so one should be decent so kuforciwa mambo unless its like all Kenyan DMs wapewe a similar uniform,” a mum wrote.


“Mine wears and even asked for extra…alisema hakuja nrb kununua manguo na watoto wako home waiting on her. As long as its a decent uniform sioni shida…I make from a fundi and so far so good. Before I employ I let you know utavaa uniform….Sunday you wear your cloths ukienda off,” one stated.

“Am I the only person who feels bad when they are in uniforms. I have never had any issues with my dms na dresscode but personally I feel bad when I see them in uniforms especially on Sundays at the malls I just wonder when do they get time to wear the clothes they buy with the money they are earning,” another commented.

“If you pay above the minimum wage, leave allowance, 20 or more leave days, overtime allowance, nhif, nssf, gratuity/pension, deduct paye and issue payslip then wacha avae uniforms ako kazi,” a mum wrote.