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City records few crimes, crashes during holiday

As the curtains fall on the festivities, security in the city and its environs has been, and will remain top-notch, according to the police, as there have been no major crimes reported.

Nairobi Central OCPD Robinson Thuku attributed the security to the heavy deployment of both uniformed and un-uniformed security personnel during the festive period.

“Only the common minor cases of pickpocketing, domestic conflict and the unexpected deaths mainly caused by overindulgence have been witnessed, but generally, the city has largely been calm and safe, without any drama towards the public,” said Mr Thuku.


He noted that the heightened security was informed by the persistent upsurge in crime and road carnage which tend to peak during the festivities.

“Once these had been identified, the only noble course was to find pertinent ways to alleviate recurrence,” said the police boss.

“Going forward, we will not relent on this, as criminals always devise ways to implement their agendas, which is why, as a department, we intend to stay several steps ahead of them,” said Mr Thuku.

The festive period in the country is always associated with travelling, which has contributed to the high rate of road accidents.

However, unlike the past years, there have not been any serious accidents recorded within and without the city.

In a briefing just before Christmas, the Inspector-General of Police, Mr Joseph Boinett, asked motorists to exercise patience at all times, even when running late and avoid exceeding speed limits and the recklessness that often comes with these.


He pointed out that police officers would be vigilant on the roads to ensure that traffic rules were not flouted and the lives of Kenyans were not endangered.

Nairobi County Police Commander Joseph ole Tito noted that law enforcers had thus been vigilant during the festive period, which has seemingly led to the decrease in road carnage.

Noting that the security situation had likewise been commendable, Mr Tito lauded the police and the public for being watchful enough and hence the low rate of crime, and heeding communicated and enforced directives, as well as the Elimisha campaigns aimed at creating awareness on road safety to passengers and drivers of PSVs, for their input in lessening road accidents this festive season, as compared to preceding years.

According to the National Transport and Safety Authority statistics, 2017’s festive season saw 525 people perish in road crashes from November to end of December. However, in 2018, the number was less than as at December 12.

Unlike in the past, the 2018 festivities were generally marked by fewer incidents of crime as well as accidents on the highways, said Mr Boinett.