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City Traffic Marshals caught on tape manhandling matatu conductor – VIDEO

By MWENDE KASUJJA February 19th, 2018 1 min read

A video has surfaced online capturing City Traffic Marshals harassing a matatu conductor in full view of his passengers

The undated video shows a male uniformed Marshal pinning down the conductor, as a female colleague shouts, “acha vita” while grabbing the man’s collar.

The conductor is overpowered after a short struggle and is bundled out of the bus.

Other Traffic Marshals waiting outside quickly grab the conductor and whisk away amid protests by colleagues.

The video was shared on a matatu Facebook group where users protested the mishandling by the Marshals.

Oyattah Spencer wrote, “That’s not a way of acting professionally.”

Michael Kithembe added, “Hii tabia wamezoea. They have done it severally.”

Juliana Olayo commented, “This is so unfair for someone who has woken up just to build the nation… Sad sad sad. Such unruly stuff. Nkttttttttt.”