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This is why city women are not travelling upcountry this Christmas

By MWENDE KASUJJA December 24th, 2017 2 min read

Nairobi women have finally opened up their hearts on why they prefer to stay in the  city this Christmas rather than travelling upcountry to celebrate with loved ones.

Their biggest fear, apparently, is the endless house chores they have to perform while in upcountry compared to the relaxed city life they are used to.

Nairobi women congregated at a popular Facebook group, Chit Chat for Nairobi Mums, where they concurred that the back-breaking, no time for resting, routine of village life is just not for them.

The conversation kicked off by sharing tips on how to survive the festive season in the village.

Midway the discussion, some began opening up they will remain in Nairobi the whole festive season.

“Gicagi hata kwa dawa sikanyangi, because siwezangi kukaa na kuna kitu inafaa kufanywa, they take advantage of that and I end up doing so much,” wrote one.


“Mi kila MTU ujua sijui na sipendi kupika they talked, judged, n ganged against me but finally they accepted me as ‘the ndoreka’ n life goes on hahaha,” another added.

“Let me tell you, nilienda huko holiday two years ago na waleo huwa nimechoka…U punda nilifanya.. Mimi tena no,” one mum wrote.

“Unaingia hivi na malaria climate change imekuaffect kazi ni kutoka kwa bed kukaa hapo nje ukiota kajua as you take your tea go back to bed amka lunch zurura kiasi go to bed wait for supper day 4 rudi kwako iko nene,” another mum commented.

“You will sleep a few minutes before a.m n then wake up again at a.m acha nikae kwangu,”

“We went ocha one time and le hubby warned me not to step in the kitchen…I was mad…but nikamuuliza baadaye akaniambia unataka ufanywe punda ya familia? I know you can cook and you cook for me only…hizo zingine zisikusumbue…ewooo…hata hapendi twende uko,” another added.


“Ooh lawed ! …Aki this going shagz is giving women nightmares.Si wagome tu wakae kwa nyumba zao?” a member wondered.

“What type of homes and shags do people have? When I travel to shags…I have peace of mind…ni kukula tu na kulala…watu Wa kupika, kufua na kuosha n.a. kuchota maji wamejaa…hiyo stress never have…watoto wanacheza mpaka unawatafuta kuja kula,” a mum wrote.