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CJ Willy Mutunga’s sheng Easter message

Chief Justice Willy Mutunga on Friday took to Twitter to warn Kenyans not to break the law over Easter, albeit with a a dose of humour.

His tweet was constructed in fluent sheng accompanied by a photo of the head of judiciary goofing in the office.

“Happy Easter. Mujivinjari watunguyaz na musi break law coz wazae wetu wa koti hawako works,” he tweeted.

Dr Willy Mutunga is known for his love for the youth and his countless interactions with music artists like Juliani whose lyrics are mostly in sheng.

His previous tweets in sheng have rubbed some users the wrong way. In September 2014, his tweet provoked a reaction from a user @Ogwamor who said, “”4rm”, “dem”, “gd”, “abt”… Who the hell is tweeting for @wmutunga?”

Dr Mutunga did not shy away from responding to the critic as he told him, “@Ogwamor. I can write SHENG and broken English too! Do not be enslaved by Queen’s English!”

His response excited his music BFF Juliani who quoted the CJ’s tweet and added the words, “#PREACH!”