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Villagers in shock after clergyman’s grave sinks days after his burial – PHOTOS

Family members, religious leaders and residents of Namisi village in Nambale, Busia County have been left puzzled after the grave of a local cleric sank a few days after his burial.

The grave of Gilgory Namunyu – United Christian Church founder – who was buried last Saturday caved in earlier this week sparking superstitious explanations among the locals over the strange incident.

Cardinal Protus Kulundu said the incident happened because family members ignored the wishes of Mr Namuyu, a former Legio Maria clergy.

The deceased had reportedly wished to be buried at the headquarters of his church which was established in 2002.

Villagers in Namisi, Nambale in Busia County mill around the grave Gilgory Namunyu which caved in four days after his burial. PHOTO | GAITANO PESSA

“We have cleansed the graveyard with anointing oil to appease his soul after his family went against his wishes. The bursting of the grave is a show of his anger to kinsmen and the church after mistreating him after his last breath,” the clergyman said.

“Mzee was categorical that when he dies Cardinal Protus Kulundu should oversee his burial. No bishop will be allowed to do the same. I will give him a befitting burial of an Archbishop who served the Legio Maria Church diligently,” said Cardinal Kulundu.


He added that the soil from the grave will be removed, a tent erected before a requiem mass with other bishops is held.

“I will not tell you when we are going to conduct the mass. We will conduct full mass with the required attire. I just came today to witness the incident.”

The grave Gilgory Namunyu which caved in four days after his burial. PHOTO | GAITANO PESSA

When Nairobi News visited the home, several clerics were praying for the soul of departed around the grave pleading with him to “remain calm”.

Mr Patrick Namunyu, the son of the deceased, said they ignored his burial wishes after the two churches began fighting over who should bury him.

“He left Legio Maria and joined United Christian Church where he used to fellowship until he breathed his last. The infighting between the churches is what prompted us to go ahead with the burial,” he said.

Joseph Onyango, the mason who worked on the grave, dismissed any accusation of poor workmanship.

“Among all the graves I have constructed this is the first one to cave in. I’m shocked that the stones I used in construction of the grave have disappeared,” he said.